About Us

"Craft transformed into art"

It can sometimes happen. A handful of enthusiasts, with the help of others, can transform craft into art.

ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. is an engineering company, with a staff of one hundred and 27 years of experience. The company specializes in the manufacturing, modernization, and repair of shell and tube heat exchangers which are commonly used in the energy industry, the pulp-and-paper industry, the chemical industry, and the sugar industry.

Coolers, turbine condensers, heaters, evaporators, chemical devices, utilization devices, and other exchanger equipment can be reliable, as long as it is properly designed and assembled; and this is where the ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. experts are able to prove their value.

The most important element of an exchanger assembly is the connection between the tubes and the tube sheet.

The ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o methods and technologies assume that a tube is an easily replaced equipment component – thus, to all intents and purposes, it is reduced to the status of a consumable. Damaged tubes are replaced efficiently and safely, without the risk of damage to the tube sheet or other elements of the structure. What also distinguishes our technology is the rapidity with which the work is carried out (thanks to a high degree of mechanization and automatization), which leads to very short down times before the equipment under repair is returned to its original quality.

The technical challenges related to the assembly of tubes in exchangers with the highest operational parameters, where the tube sheet can be as thick as 500 mm, are another issue. A perfect tightness of the tube-tube sheet connection in such exchangers can be achieved by using ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o.’s patented technology and the equipment for hydraulic expansion of tubes placed in the holes of a tube sheet, across its entire thickness. This is achieved by compressing the tubes in the hole with only a minimum collapse (approx. 3-5%) of the internal surface of the tube.

Another challenge is the assembly of new turbine condensers, where the stainless steel tube (with a wall thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm) must be precisely compressed in a relatively flexible stainless steel tube sheet. The structure of these very efficient condensers is a compromise between efficiency, investment cost, and technology. In this case, applying the old, standard methods of making connections, used for nearly 200 years, are out of the question and the only way to achieve precise rolled tube connections, with replicability of expansion at a level of ± 1%, is to use ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. straight expanders with an integrated feed assembly.

Since the company’s inception, it has focused on technological issues and has offered repair services performed by means of its innovative solutions. The engineering staff plays a crucial role, one which is vital to the company’s future development. Thanks to our cooperation with technology universities and renowned design offices, we have been successful in manufacturing new, efficient shell and tube heat exchangers, while maintaining the highest standards of quality and care for the natural environment and the safety of people. We continuously invest in the most innovative state-of-the-art machines and equipment for the production of heat exchanger components.

Kazimierz Ruszniak
President of the ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. Management Board