The company’s history


  • We undertook the challenge of running our own business and established the company in Lublin. The driving force behind the growth of the company was the tools and methods for hydraulic disassembly of tubes from turbine condensers. As employees of Zakład Remontowy Energetyki [the Energy Industry Repair Company] in Lublin, we had worked on these tools and methods after-hours for at least three years.


  • We received the first approvals from the Office of Technical Inspection to manufacture pressure equipment components.


  • We put our efforts into building production facilities in Suchodoły. All the buildings were adapted to meet the needs of the company. The office was still located in Lublin, in leased premises.


  • Thanks to the company's good financial standing, having signed large contracts with the Kozienice Power Plant, we purchased the facility in Krasnystaw. It is here that the company’s entire operations have been conducted ever since.
  • We expanded our offer and obtained additional approvals from the Office of Technical Inspection to repair steam boilers, water heaters, fixed pressure vessels.


  • We joined the Polish Chamber of the Power Industry and Environmental Protection.


  • We presented our technology outside of Poland for the first time, during the repair of a turbine condenser in Tatabanyi, Hungary.


  • We began cooperation with Centralne Biuro Konstrukcji Kotłów S.A. [CBKK - The Boiler Engineering Design Office S.A.] in Tarnowskie Góry, which has resulted in numerous projects, such as the joint modernization of U-tube high-pressure exchangers. Our cooperation with the CBKK still contributes an important part of the company's turnover.


  • We began our cooperation with the Institute of Heat Engineering (IHE) at the Warsaw University of Technology. The new profiles of condensation banks developed by the IHE and used in the modernization of the turbine condenser in the Skawina Power Plant 110 MW block allowed for the achievement of better parameters than those provided for in the contract.


  • We finished the implementation of the Quality Management System conformant to the ISO 9001 standard and received the relevant certificates from the UDT-CERT and TÜV NORD certifying bodies.


  • We received the UDT-CERT certificate confirming the ability of the company to fulfill the requirements of Directive 97/23/EC, modules H, H1, and G.
  • We completed the implementation of the Environmental Management System conformant to the ISO 14001:2004 standard and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System conformant to the PN-N 18001:2005 standard, and received the relevant certificates from TÜV NORD.


  • We expanded our offer by including the manufacture of spiral oil coolers.


  • We completed the construction of the first part of the assembly shop, along with the adjacent infrastructure (grit blasting chamber, painting chamber, and water jet cutter).


  • After many years of testing, we introduced the technology of hydraulic pipe expansion in tube sheets of exchangers with the highest operational parameters.
  • We completed the demolition of the low buildings and replaced them with the expanded assembly shop, the first part of which was completed the previous year; the building has a total length of 95 m.
  • We supplied the factory with additional state-of-the-art machines, to include a CNC machining center and a submerged arc (SAW) automated welding machine.
  • We expanded the factory by purchasing the adjacent land, along with the buildings, and adapting them for storage purchases; we installed a gantry crane.
  • We celebrated ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o.’s 20th anniversary.