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Rankings and awards

The "Transparent Company" certificate

In February 2009, ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. received the "Transparent Company" certificate issued by Dun and Bradstreet Poland.

This award confirms our reliability in meeting the requirement to publish our financial statements. It proves our reliability and financial sincerity.

The Transparent Company certificate

The "Forbes Diamonds" ranking

Making it debut in the "Forbes Diamonds" ranking, ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. took a high 5th place among the 65 companies ranked in the Lublin region (companies with sales income of 5-50 million PLN in 2007) and the 121st place among the 2065 companies ranked nationally (Forbes, February 2009).

The list was prepared by Dun&Bradstreet experts and the Forbes monthly and included the companies that have increased their value most dynamically in the previous three years.

The "Forbes Diamonds" list was prepared using the Swiss method of assessing company value, taking into consideration financial results and asset value. This method allows for companies’ potential to be measured, giving consideration to the size of their projects and their ability to increase their sales and profits.

The Forbes Diamonds ranking

The "Golden Hundred" ranking

In 2008, ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. took 100th place in the main ranking and the following places in the sub-rankings:

  • 5th place in the Company Profitability category,
  • 9th place in the Income Dynamics category,
  • 8th place in the Energy Industry category.

The "Golden Hundred" is a ranking of the best companies in the Lublin region, which are known not only regionally, but throughout the country. The original proponent of the ranking was the Dziennik Wschodni daily and it is drawn up on the basis of the financial results for the previous year.

ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. debuted in the ranking in 2007, when it took the 117th place in the "Waiting List" of 50 companies. Its ranks in the different categories were as follows:

  • 1st place in the Profitability of Investment category,
  • 9th place in the Income Dynamics category,
  • 11th place in the Company Profitability category.
The Golden Hundred ranking

The "Golden Carps" 2007 award

The winner of the 10th edition of the "Golden Carps" award was Kazimierz Ruszniak, the President of the Management Board of ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o.

Since 1998, this honorary award has been presented to individuals for outstanding professional, community, or artistic activity which has had significant impact on the development of Krasnystaw.

The Golden Carp award

The 2007 "Krasnystaw Economic Laurel" award

The winner of the 4th edition of the "Krasnystaw Economic Laurel" was ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o.

The contest aims to promote the best companies, to support local entrepreneurs, to integrate local businesses, and to facilitate the strengthening of company positions on the market.

The Krasnystaw Economic Laurel award