Our offer

Our offer

ENERGOREMONT Sp. z o.o. specializes in the manufacturing, modernization, and repairs of shell and tube heat exchangers by means of its own patented technology and its own special tools.

The scope of the company’s operations can be divided along the lines of four basic sectors:

Power plants and cogeneration plants

  • steam turbine condensers,
  • low-pressure regeneration exchangers of turbine blocks,
  • high-pressure regeneration exchangers of steam turbine blocks,
  • oil coolers,
  • air coolers,
  • hydrogen coolers,
  • vapor coolers,
  • pseudocondensation coolers in turbine blocks,
  • steam injector coolers,
  • basic heaters of network water,
  • steam boiler drums.

Sugar plants and the food industry

  • sugar plant evaporators,
  • sugar plant cookers,
  • juice heaters,
  • vapor coolers,
  • oil coolers,
  • juice thickeners,
  • circulators and deflegmators in the spirit industry and in breweries.

The pulp and paper industry

  • cellulose evaporators,
  • circulators,
  • condensers,
  • water coolers.

The chemical and petrochemical industry, and coke plants

  • process devices,
  • chemical reactors,
  • vapor condensers,
  • utilization devices,
  • water and oil coolers,
  • coke gas coolers,
  • gas coolers in sulfuric acid plants,
  • condensers in waste incineration plants
steam turbine condensers high-pressure regeneration exchanger vapor cooler