Manufacturing, modernization, and repair technology for shell and tube heat exchangers.

Tube disassembly technology

  • tearing the tube hydraulically from the hole in the tube sheet

Supplementary tasks:

  • removal of plugs,
  • removal of deposit from the tubes,
  • cutting out of the weld,
  • cutting the tube past the tube sheet,
  • cutting the torn tube with a special actuator.

New tube assembly technology

  • execution of typical expanded connections

Supplementary tasks:

  • cleaning and degreasing the surfaces of the holes in the tube sheets, and the tube ends,
  • inserting tubes,
  • blocking tubes in the holes,
  • finishing of tube ends.

Special cases of connections between tubes and tube sheet

  • expanded tube connections made with a straight expander with an integrated feed assembly,
  • hydraulic expansion of tubes in exchangers with the highest operational parameters,
  • orbital welding of the tubes to connect them to the tube sheet.

Supplementary technologies used in emergencies during repairs and modernization projects

  • rebuilding ligaments in tube sheets,
  • enlarging the diameter of holes in tube sheets and partitions.

Technologies used in shop manufacturing and equipment repairs

  • cutting out of elements,
  • large-size rolling,
  • deep drilling,
  • rolling of exchanger shells,
  • submerged arc welding of exchanger shells,
  • bending of tubes,
  • grit blasting of steel surfaces,
  • application of anti-corrosion coatings.